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Your advertising in the right hands

Mailing with REPA

Looking good alone is not enough. Your advertising should also be received - and we can help you with that. In advance, our address data management prepares your address data in a post optimised way and determines the most favourable dispatch route for you. Whether it's a letter, dialogue post, open dispatch, self-mailer or optimised dispatch at home or abroad - we'll take care of it. 

Thanks to high-performance digital printing for text and image personalisation, an inserting system that uses camera comparison reading to correctly allocate even multi-part mailings and dispatch via one of our distribution partners, we ensure that your mail reaches the right recipient. But that's not all: we can also send directly addressed brochures to your customers. A lettershop can do much more than just send letters.

And the most important thing: adherence to delivery dates is our top priority. If we have agreed on a delivery date in advance, we will keep it.

Data handling

Our team optimises your address data and prepares everything for dispatch.


Customised printed pieces for each recipient, e.g., with individual texts or images.

Maximum security

Thanks to camera reading, you can be sure that your mail reaches the right recipient.