Förderverein Afrikaprojekt Dr. Schales


The association makes it its business to support the humanitarian development aid of Dr. Hans Schales in Zimbabwe. The objective is to make it for self-help“ through occupational competence and humanity in the province Matabeland North, Zimbabwe. Thus arises “autonomy instead of implicitness“ in development aid.

Pro Ehrenamtehrenamt

The state working group PRO EHRENAMT e.V. is a nationwide active, independent and voluntary association of Saarland organizations. Pro Ehrenamt represents the interests of the Saarland volunteers for instance in political bodies, promotes positive framework conditions for voluntary commitment and advocates a new, fresh approach to voluntary work fitting to our society and addressing everybody.

SV Elversbergsocial-og-share-default-image

Repa Druck is a proud partner of Sportvereinigung 07 Elversberg e.V. that we actively support as sponsor and competent partner in printing. This partnership with our “ELV“ makes us proud since we share common values: commitment, professionalism and the courage to explore new horizons.

BC Bischmisheim

We support BC Bischmisheim as a sponsor to actively promote the sport of badminton in Saarland. With this commitment we also support the annual Badminton Gold Grand Prix.


Climate Protection

Printing carbon-neutrally with Repa

Climate change is the greatest challenge of the 21st century. Individual enterprises must contribute, too. The application of carbon-neutral printing products offers the chance for enterprises to be active in climate protection quickly and easily.

In carbon-neutral printing greenhouse gas emissions from the printing process are precisely calculated in order to identify the largest emission generators and reduction potentials. By investing into internationally acknowledged climate protection projects, the unavoidable CO2 emissions can be compensated for and thus printing products can be rendered carbon-neutral.

Contribute to climate protection – we will gladly support you. Call us, if you have any questions.

Choose a climate protection project with the highest standards and diverse technologies from an extensive portfolio for your carbon-neutral printing product.

Process transparency is achieved by labelling with an order-based and hence individual ID number: by entering this ID at, the carbon-neutrality of your order becomes verifiable for partners, customers and employees.

Repa Druck offers carbon-neutral printing in cooperation with the climate protection consultants ClimatePartner. For more information, see


The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) supports the promotion of environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically sustainable cultivation of forests worldwide. The independent charitable organization was founded in 1993 as a result of the “Environment and Development” conference in Rio de Janeiro. Today FSC® is represented in over 80 countries with national work groups.

By purchasing FSC®-certified products you can contribute to a responsible use of global forest resources.

You decide what kind of paper you want to print on.


We emphasize sustainable production. Therefore we use PEFC™-certified raw materials.

The PEFC™-certification signifies sustainable forest management taking into account any ecological, economic and social criteria equally. In doing so, it does not certify the product timber, but forest management including the transport of timber to the forest road.

With this certification, the timber flow in the entire production process becomes verifiable from the certified timber stand to timber processing companies and on to the final product.