Printing with Repa

You wish to print with Repa? Of course, this is a great pleasure for us. In order to be able to complete your order, we need you to provide us with your relevant print data.  Should you already be a customer of Repa and/or be in contact with your client advisor, you can let us have your data via FTP or email.

You are already a customer of Repa and do not have an FTP login yet?  Please let us know by sending an email or get in touch with your account manager. You will receive your individual login data as soon as possible.

FTP Login

For registered customers

Data by e-mail

Max. File size 15 MB

SPECIFICATIONS for your Print Data

In order to achieve the best possible print result, your data should be set up with the following specifications:

  • Format

    Please supply your print data in PDF format (e.g. X-3 or X-1a).

  • Colour Mode

    Please always submit your print data in CMYK colour mode.

  • Crop marks

    Please always submit your PDF files with crop marks and 3 mm bleed.

  • Resolution

    Please submit your photo material with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

  • Text

    Please always fully embed your text in fonts or convert it into paths.

  • Further information

    For further information please go to
    and/or contact us by telephone: +49(0)6893 8002-23 or +49(0)6893 8002-24.