Printing with Repa

You wish to print with Repa? Of course, this is a great pleasure for us. In order to be able to execute your order, we need you to provide us with your relevant print data.  Should you already be a client of Repa and/or be in contact with your client advisor, you can let us have your data via FTP or email.

You are already a client of Repa and do not yet have a FTP login?  Please let us know by writing a few lines to us or get in touch with your client advisor. You will receive your individual login data as soon as possible.

FTP Login

For registered customers

Data by e-mail

Max. File size 15 MB

SPECIFICATIONS for your Print Data

In order to achieve the best possible print result, your data should be set up with the following specifications:

  • Format

    Please supply your print data in PDF format (e.g. X-3 or X-1a).

  • Colour Mode

    Please always submit your print data in CMYK colour mode.

  • Crop marks

    Please always submit your PDF files with crop marks and 3 mm bleed.

  • Resolution

    Please submit your photo material with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

  • Text

    Please always fully embed your text in fonts or convert it into paths.

  • Further information

    For further information please go to
    and/or contact us by telephone: ++49+6893 8002-23 or ++49+6893 8002-24.